From experimentation to deployment of New Mobility projects


    Enhance DIGITAL Solutions
    with CAN BUS Expertise

  • OBH : Innovating in New Mobilities

    We are an innovative company operating in Mobility IoT world to deliver smart digital solutions.

    Created in 2010, OBH purpose is to foster Experimentation in New Mobilities & deliver smart digital solutions for enhanced customer value.


    Working with key industrial leaders in automobile industry, we have a deep expertise in CAN Bus Architecture (control of vehicle) which allows us to deliver intelligent technological solutions for autonomous fleets (Robot Taxi, Platooning..).


    As experts of end-user applications (UX), we organize or take part in simple or complex experimentations to deliver even user-friendly set of Apps & Platform to help our customers in their projects from the beginning of the R&D project up to the operating of the service.

  • Our Expertise

    Bringing together technologies CAN Bus / RT MAPS /
    Robot Operating System (ROS) / …
    & UX expertise

    User Experience Experts

    Apps Ios & Androïds
    HMI Design
    Customer Studies

    Operator of innovative services

    Management of Experiments
    Safe supervisory
    Expert of vehicle embedded system
    Infrastructure maintenance
    Test of business models

    Monitoring Platform

    Management platforms publisher
    Linkage with smart Apps
  • Our Mission

    Meeting your expectations with up-to-date technologies

    We believe at OBH that new innovations solely with customization can offer optimized solutions and satisfying results.


    We work with our clients to propose personalized services which will meet their unique and complex requirements. OBH delivers intelligent platforms that are inovation driven and would improve business performance


    All our solutions are branded are for your needs.

  • Data-oriented solution from the start

    Let's Go Together Beyond The Limits...

    More than a simple set of technical solutions, our platform aims at constantly enhancing existing services.


    Our goal: that data helps you to develop your business on a day-to-day basis, adjusting your services, targeting your customers, developing new apps and services.


    IoT Mobility world is constantly changing, combining different set of mobility solutions, including new ones. Our platform helps you maximize your current services and helps you build new ones.