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  • You are a city or a community

    Welcome to a Smart Mobility World

  • Because you think differently about mobility for the next generations...


    As a city or a community, you need to take into account the world we leave to our children: not only its environmental quality but also its living quality. LifeOnMaps is dedicated to enhancing every carsharing or vehicle sharing that helps to achieve this goal.


    With LifeOnMaps you can offer your citizens or users a unique vehicle sharing experience, on every possible vehicle basis: car, bikes (electric or even hydrogen), bus... LifeOnMaps connects fleets all around your area with geofencing and optimize locations with tracking to foster public transportation usage without adding new vehicles on public roadspace.


  • How does it work for the city?

    One single platform to manage them all

    As a leading French innovative company in New Mobilities, OBH is working on the long run with every alternative means of transportation possible.


    Not only we are able to taylor for you a ready-to-use platform to connect and pilot your different fleet of vehicles together but we can also ride this service for you during your experimental phase. We do it already! And we are keen to do it for any city or community who shares our will of thinking mobilities differently.

    LifeOnMaps platform

    Designed with our customers, whether public or private actors, our platform LifeOnMaps comes easy, smart and intuitive. No need to keep your staff on hours of training.


    You want to add new functionalities?

    LifeOnMaps is designed to be tailored to any need you have. We master streaming technologies as data collection & analysis best systems so that you can chose whatever information is needed to your service.

  • You want to set up a Robot Taxi service?

    LifeOnMaps is the first ready-to-use technological solution for Robot Taxi

    Robot Taxi, the future of New Mobilities

    Our platform is carefully designed to provide a safe and reliable solution for self-driving vehicles.

    LifeOnMaps will let you directly control your vehicles behavior and at the same time evaluates data received from the real-time information systems to enhance safety of the trips for users and your fleet.

  • Robot Taxi

    On-demand mode autonomous taxis are able to take passengers anywhere in a pre-defined area. Passengers just need to select where they want to go on their mobile device and a autonomous vehicle will come to pick them up. When it arrives, it detects where you are and the door opens automatically for easy boarding.

    Autonomous Shuttle

    In fix-routes mode cars are covering a predefined route and stops at pre-fixed boarding stations. The service operator can set up new timetables and create new virtual stops to facilitate the flow of traffic, and all changes will be seen on the smartphone app for the person who is using services.

  • How does it work for your users?

    Your full package of user-friendly applications

    Imagined with top-ranking mobility partners, LifeOnMaps offers a fully secured system of fleet monitoring from fully secured remote access to your fleet up to tailored end-user service: ordering system, notifications on the trip, opening, evaluation, alerts...

    Safety secured by keyless technology

    The safety of your big data and assets is a priority for us. Our platform is made as secure as possible, thanks to a collaboration with experts from cyber security.

    We are offering an app mobile phone & connected watch into a unique and secure DIGITAL CAR KEY. This smart key is capable of doing everything a physical key does, such as locking and unlocking the doors and starting the vehicle..

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