Connect, share & optimize your car fleet


    Create better connection between your employees

  • You are a company

    Enter Smart Fleet Management with LifeOnMaps

    Stop costly under-used car fleet...

    Avoid costly unmoved car fleet remaining on your parking or constantly buying new cars to face peaks
    of needs: LifeOnMaps helps you right-size your fleet thanks to carsharing.


    With LifeOnMaps, you can single out the real use of your existing fleet and optimize the use of each vehicle by enhancing a carsharing management system, through an easy, flexible and smart technological approach.



  • What is Corporate carsharing?

    OBH focuses to improve companies' mobility by supporting and promoting CARSHARING and RIDESHARING by filling up empty seats in companies cars. We are helping to make your cars SMART, CONNECTED and SHARED with employees and helping to promote ECO-FRIENDLY transportation systems.

    Corporate CARSHARING

    This will allow you to increase the utilization rate of your shared park and employee engagement, a competitive advantage over other employers to attract the best talents.

    Corporate RIDESHARING

    Provide a faster integration to your new employees into the organization, more exchange of information, more collaboration and innovation.

  • Key benefits for you:

    Optimized Total Cost of Mobility (TCM)

    Additional revenue

    Less expense reports

    Increased aggregate

    fleet-utilization rates


    Reduced demand
    for parking

    Reduced number
    of required vehicles

    by optimizing use

    of your fleet

    Reduced emissions

    Reduced carbon footprint

    Improved corporate image


    Time saving

    Easy and automautized

    No more need to take

    keys from fleet manager

  • How does it work for your company?

    Technology driven fleet-management

    Our intelligent system consists 3 modules

    1. An online booking platform (fully configurable)
    2. State-of-the-art embedded technology
    3. A portfolio of on-demand services.
  • Fuel tracking

    Our system will help you to monitor fuel consumption.

    Route planning

    The app considers various parameters including customer locations, time preferences and traffic.


    Our platform will help you to see when your car is due for service.

    History recording

    Tracking history can help you decide to keep or retire car or how to use it more profitable.

  • How does it work for your employees?

    How does it work?

    Reserve and get the vehicle simply!


    It is directly available in the workplace, 24h/7 without direct contact with fleet manager.


    After registering successfully in our online booking system, you can immediately find, reserve and open available vehicles with your smartphone. If the original vehicle is unavailable, the booking will automatically reallocate a free vehicle.

  • Enhanced safety with Keyless Technology

    The safety of your big data and asset is a priority for us. Our platform is made as secure as possible, thanks to a collaboration with experts from cyber security. We are offering an app which transforms employees’ mobile phone into a unique DIGITAL CAR KEY. This smart key will be capable of doing everything a physical key does, such as locking and unlocking the doors and starting the engine.

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