Easy to connect and adapt any vehicle


    Pair your vehicles intelligently and improve safety and efficiency

  • You operate in industry

    Logistics, agriculture, building industry, mining industry...

    IoT Mobility solutions to gain efficiency

    As an industrial, you are looking for a IoT solution for your vehicles to downsize your operational costs and find some ways to automatize some of your actions, making them even safer for your staff.


    Because LifeOnMaps has been designed to connect & adapt to any automotive vehicle, thanks to CAN Bus technology, OBH Digital can provide you with those technical solutions through our platform and a set of smart apps.

  • Logistics


    Building industry

    Mining industry

  • How does it work for your Industry?

    One platform to connect them all

    Bringing together technologies such as CAN Bus / RT MAPS / Robot Operating System (ROS) / … & UX expertise, our LifeOnMaps solution connect all your fleet of any type of vehicle, in one single platform, easy-to-use for all your staff.


    Mastering video streaming & data collection in a highly secured system, we work with cyber security experts to provide our customers fully tailored technical solutions to pilot their automative vehicles. Whether you want to operate on fixed-road or an on-demand way in a specified area, our solution gives you the opportunity to optimize your fleet in a given area and monitor all levels of consumption (oil, gaz...).

  • How does it work for your operators?

    Smart digital solutions for low investment costs

    On the ground, there's no need to spend alot on highly sophisticated & expensive equipment for your operator: a sole smartphone does the job.


    LifeOnMaps takes into account the high flexibility need by the industry. Our service comes along with simple technical apps, available both on iOS & Android systems, to operate your vehicles of the fleet directly with a smartphone. Your operator can call, open & run them with his device in a totally secured way of operating the service.

  • Looking for a platooning solution?

    Pair your vehicles intelligently and improve safety and efficiency

    Platooning is innovative, full of promise and potential for the future mobility (including logistics).

    With following vehicles braking immediately, with zero reaction time, platooning can improve traffic safety.

    Platooning is also a cost-saver as the vehicles drive close together at a constant speed. This means lower fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions.

    And, lastly, platooning efficiently boosts traffic flows thereby reducing tail-backs. Meanwhile the short distance between vehicles means less space taken up on the road.

  • Monitor

    Our cloud­ platform identifies and monitors all autonomous cars & vehicles.


    Once the potential vehicle is identified, authenticated and conditions are safe, our platform establishes approval for platooning to begin when car is ready.


    Based on a variety of factors, including load and braking performance, our platform intelligently orders the vehicles to ensure they can drive and brake together safely.

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