With LifeOnMaps make rental simple and smart for your customers


    Reliable & easy usage

  • You are an Operator

    From costly under-used fleet to new profitable businesses with LifeOnMaps....

    Engage your customers with a unique carsharing technology and get your fleet running instead of remaining on your parking lot.


    With LifeOnMaps, this new business comes easy, reliable, with no further investment on service desk to operate it.

  • How does it work for you?

    Enjoy our intuitive monitoring platform

    LifeOnMaps keyless carsharing technology allows you to directly manage your rental fleet online.


    Intuitive, designed with our customers, LifeOnMaps is easy to use for your staff, without spending hours on training. At the very start of your project, we taylor it for you, adjusting functionalities to your needs to make it even more suitable to the specifics of your business.

  • How does it work for your customers?

    Make rental simple & smart for your customers

    To implement LifeOnMaps' service, only a smartphone is required, even a connected watch can be sufficient to use a car and run the trip.


    At the very start of your project, we design with you a set of dedicated applications under the colors of your customer so that he could use the fleet solely in a click.

    The benefits of keyless technology

    No need of a service desk, either for you or your customer!


    To unlock cars, you use a smartphone or a connected watch which makes the service so simple and in some way awesome for an enhanced customer service experience.

  • Going further...

    More than running a new service, you prepare your next business

    Designed to gather and analyze a large amount of user data, in a secured way, LifeOnMaps allows you not only to check the quality of your running business but also to pilot every further need or action to improve the service on a day-to-day basis.


    With LifeOnMaps, you will enjoy entering in a process of ever-innovating your services and thus prepare for your business tommorow.

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